Printer Installation & Repairing

Printers are generally do not trouble if periodically maintained by experts at regular interval .We advise our clients that not to wait till your printer will start trouble & than go for maintainance.Because all devices are a system & if any of part of system does not work properly it will effect seriously to other part of system. Later it will be more costly to repair than earlier one. In some cases we advise them not to repair instead go for new one for better & long services.

We have trained our technicians for correct troubleshooting, Installation and configuration issues of printers; they will take hardly any time fixing errors or help you to take correct decision. Unless in-depth knowledge  one cannot do so with  all types of printing devices i.e. dot matrix Printer, Inkjet or Laser Printer, Line Printer, plotter, and thus provide interactive solution to such problems related to printers.

We at Shreeji Infotech always underline quality maintenances, productivity of machines, maximum possible saving of time – money & long-term service relations with our client.

Just one call will assure you that during our maintenance contract period printer or any of equipments maintained by us will be working smilingly and running trouble free.

Desktop Repairing Services

Mobile phones, Internet, laptop and Desktop PCs etc are necessity of every well-informed, busy people or even students. Interrupted services or execution without them is quite hard for even for daily life.

Considering these complexity we have designed simple yet special service program that help us to offer almost zero downtime performance of your desktop operations. We can now guarantee you smooth, long lasting performance including up gradation plans for desktop computer.

Our Service programs take care for following common desktop problems:

Power off:


No image on screen / blue screen / Black screen /Blinking / Short screen/dull Colors etc

Start up Problems:

Booting, Slow start up, unexpected shut down. Memory upgrade

Desktop data recovery/Complete back up

System board/main board repair/ upgrade


Hard drive


Video graphics

Optical drive

We highly recommend all our users to get suitable AMC program to avoid inconvenience from above said or any such symptoms. As we all know care is always better than cure.

Please call us,We assure you that just one call will be a permanent maintenance solution for your Computer or set up.

Laptop Repair

Genuinely explaining, if your laptop or desktop or printers are used gently and maintained regularly nothing will go wrong with these stuffs.

Power supply failure, Frequent crashes, virus attacks, Hard drive crashes, broken LCD screens, keyboards problems, network failures, etc does not happen very often.

Just to keep your machines away from all above symptoms, ShreejiInfotech technical tem make sure all machines are cleaned and properly configured & performed regular maintenance and cleaning according to schedule.

Our Annual maintenance service schemes (AMCs) takes care of complete network system. We ensure good working condition with best productivity of your machines.

We have years of experience of servicing  on nearly all makes and models of laptop & notebook computers like Acer,Asus, Compaq, Dell, HP,IBM, Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba,& others.

As part of our flexible service program we repair laptops onsite as far as possible.

 Based on a call or email request, our technicians will reach your place immediately after your call to attend to your detailed complaint with speedy solution.


We operate our business in a professional manner. We keep complete record of each call we attended & keep our team equipped to provide zero downtime performance. We are successfully achieving this goal by our AMC programs & membership programs.

We humbly affirm that our clientele rapidly increasing because of our ability to provide an accurate and economical diagnosis & lowest quote. We provide accurate estimate before we start repairing job and communicate during the entire repair process.

We give complete guarantee after repairing & replace free of cost parts supplied by us if any manufacturing defect found. So our customers need not to worry at all for they spend at ShreejiInfotech.

We force to our entire client to go for suitable AMC plans with us. Trust us,It will be really worth investing.

IT Service & Computer Networking Services

ShreejiInfotech & our associates offer any size & type of IT services.


Installation and configuration of Firewall

Installation of Network Operating System

Internet connection sharing and troubleshooting

Managing network resources

Overview of PC networking and remote access methods

Troubleshooting network connectivity issues

Wired and wireless network setup support / LAN Support

Wireless Router Setup and Configuration

Our computer repair and network support solutions program wide AMCs/or membership program will help you to make it accessible & inexpensive. Technical staffs at ShreejiInfotech are highly experienced to handle each of your computer issues efficiently and resolve them. Whether you are facing any networking and internet problem or any hardware or software issues, ShreejiInfotech will be the first choice to help you, Just one call…..or a mail is enough for our team. They will reach you and come out with best network support solutions &scheduled services.

On-Site Component Up gradation

We keep important & frequently used components in our store to provide our clients instant services.

We quote very reasonable because one of this reasons.ShreejiInfotech can offer you the best possible rates & also many bundled advantages to our ClubMembers.We provide onsite upgradition is very much convenient to customers as they save lots of time, money & without any hassle. We assure you about our professional approach, expert installation & the genuine components. Contact us now if any help regarding Computers.

Anti-virus Protection

As IT Industry is growing, & also usage of Computer increasing equally. That is expected that cases of computer infections by virus are also growing increasingly. Virus are spread due to unsecured usage of internate.We help you to select & Install an Anti-virus program will secur your PC efficiently for a long time. We can also install software firewall on request to protect computer against attacks on your computer via the internet.

ShreejiInfotech can recommend you best packages available at very competitive rates. If you are club member you will also get bundled benefits. So just contact us now.

System cleanups & maintenance

For efficient use of computer it is highly recommended that you clean up computer regularly. If you experience frequent crashes on the computer probably needs a cleanup. Our technicians will visit at your place at your convenient time .they will efficiently perform cleanup process on your computer, and also ensure that no data will be lost, we will also backup the data for you. During this visit they will also perform a series of steps for System tune-ups.Now you will feel better performance & speed on your computer.

Be a club member of ShreejiInfotech & ripe the fruits of healthy computing.

Data Recovery (Desktop & Laptop)

We at Shreeji Infotech offer a highly reliable data recovery service at a very competitive price.

Our chance of a successful data recovery is up to 98%. We are highly experienced in dealing with any kind of data loss of.

Data recovery mainly according to us of two major types according to types of damages.

We have two data recovery services for hard drives available: Basic and Advanced.

Basic Data Recovery

(If hard disk is ok & by mistake or any such reasons data lost)

corrupted files and/or hard drive sectors

file system errors/Partitions deleted

hard drive errors

missing files

problem crop up during power surges

recovering accidentally deleted files

During a call you can provide external hard drive or any other storage device for data transfer if you wish.

Also can have DVD backup


Advanced Data Recovery


This type of services required if big reason like Hard Drive Failure, fire in circuit or Big Data Loss.

Blue screen  or  Blue Screen of Death

Corrupted partitions and file systems

Logical failure

Mechanical failure

Missing Boot sector and MFT

Non system disk error

Operating system not found

Purposely or unintentionally formatted or deleted data

Virus Attack

Just One Call or contact us by mail. In next to no time we will resolve the issue.


Experiencing a problem with your computer or laptop, Printer or network, Data or Internet Connectivity, Data loss or any other problem?

Just contact us. In no time engineers of ShreejiInfotech will determine the problem whether the problem is a hardware issue or a software issue, and they will make it sure your system will work again in good condition for a long time. We assure you that Our next call will be just a courtesy call & you will not be discussing for the same problem we attended.

New Computer setup

Whenever you have an idea of buying a new computer or laptop or other stuffs just give us a call.

ShreejiInfotech can suggest the best one According to your type of use & data volume & task you want to perform.

Mostly, new computer or Laptop supplied does not have all the software installed. Customers need to get it installed separately to system. For an example: Downloading software, video streaming, photo-imaging applications, presentations, mobile applications, office applications or educational software. We have available updated software for you and to install it. We can also present you list of all the considered necessary best latest software’s for all your applications. If you buy it from us Installation is just free for you.

Please Contact us now for book an order.

Software Installation & Configuration

Even though you have not purchased the material from us, on your request, we can get it installed particular software to your system.

If you have already tried to install the same or you suspect the configuration is not correct, we can assist you for it. Do not worry for charges. We charge very reasonable for all that.

JustOneCall…Wedoall…for you.

Home Computer Services

Home computers are generally used for paying the bills, sharing photos, social networking, mailing, school assignments, etc.

We just feel disconnected from the personal world if our Home computer is out of order or not working properly.

We have to run café to pay bills, avoid panelties,late payment charges, check important mails etc.More over it is not safe sharing important details & entering sensitive data in others computers. Just do not worry.

 Please Call our technicians. Within no time they will bring you the best solution. Just let us know if your computer runs slowly, freezes up abnormal screen, automatically shuts down or restarts or even refuses to start. At ShreejiInfotech you can trust us, to get everything working normal again with your computer.

You can call us or mail us any time….We will arrange visit by an appointment at your suitable time.

Please Click Here to Contact us by mail.

Spyware Detection

Spyware are malicious programs. These programs are unsuspectingly installed on your computer by a third party. When you are surfing on net, either by visiting suspicious websites, such unknown programs being installed to computer. These Spyware programs can eye on everything you work on your computer, including has typed on your computer like banking details and security passwords. They can be a sourced of constant pop-up. If your computer system perform unstable, unexpected hanged, do not respond commands We suggest immediately remove those spywares. Our engineers will conquer them to prevent your system. Also take measures to avoid other spyware setting up of to your computer.

Technical Support

ShreejiInfotech endeavor to provide you the best technical support in the industry.

Our expert, certified technicians’ team will help you at all your requirements for computing related problems.

If you required any help or support for all problems described here or any other thing related to your computer, laptop, printers or any networking stuffs please Contact Us.

With our years of experience we can guarantee our work quality & persistence.

In our Service network you will find a full service of packages.

Do not be scared, if your computer system behaves idiotic we can save all your important information from a virus infection.

You need not to reinstall your system worried about the programs already installed.

We have solutions for successfully remove viruses and make your computer healthy again.

You just need to Contact Us.

Virus Detection & Removal

The modern life is not possible without usage of Computer & internet.

Frequent use of some specific internet sites, or some other applications & downloading etc attract infected virus.

 These viruses can spread any time in the system. These viruses affect suffering downtime; also result in to losing important data or documents. It is very important to detect viruses well in advance for securing your PC & Network.

Please give us a call or contact us by a mail now. Our Engineers will Detect & remove virus to protect your system & avoid such threats. We will also suggest & install a suitable Anti-virus program.

Network Design and Support

ShreejiInfotech offer network design services, wireless LAN, router, cabling and network troubleshooting. We will also be able to custom design, implement and install a network to suit your needs. Just let us know the specification of your network, or discuss with us what you want your network to do for you. Adding to it If your computer network is ranging 12 Pcs To 250 Pcs or work stations just contact us .Our design engineer will visit your site & provide with a complete design scheme with very moderate charges. If entire job is awarded to us we will refund the designing charges from last bill payment.

Every system work excellent only if networking is proper…..may be computer network or business network.

JustOneCall….&..We will offer you the best solutions of networking options.


Basic Computer Maintenance Contract for 1 year
Call Accepted by way Support calls may be raised by telephone, email.
Terms of call acceptation Unlimited remote support during normal working hours & work days.
Response Same day within 4 hours from complain logged.
Online or remote resolution If an issue cannot be resolved remotely, an engineer will visit on your request and will be charged at standard discounted rates will be applicable for labor, Parts.(No visit charges)
Resolution Period 4 hour resolution target to support requests(Excluding Travel Time).
Protection Software Installation Installed at 80%cost.
Visits 3 free visits per annum included for housekeeping visits.
No Claim Reward 50% of balance support calls visits reimbursed on contract renewal.
Terms & Condition
  • * Standard Working days are Monday to Saturday & working hours are 10.00 am to 8.00 pm.
  • * National holidays & Sundays or any force majors are considered as nonworking days.
  • * Charges like transport, outstation, or any emergency charges & taxes are levied with this contract unless mentioned.
  • * Complain will be attended within 1 to 4 hours after being reported. Or as per the contract terms.
  • * Transfer / Shifting of the computer without prior information may break the AMC for particular equipment.
  • * Contract can be continuing with additional charges after inspection in case of transfer/shifting.
  • * The contract is valid only for the details mentioned according to terms mentioned in contract document.
  • * 80% advance Payment & rest 20% after site inspection before Signs the Contract.
  • * No payment is refundable neither will be adjusted with other bills of orders.


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