Shreeji Infotech is a company dedicated to the Freshers training, computerization, office automation, efficient energy utilization schemes for small and medium businesses computing operations.

Since we started business, our mission is to find out the particular needs of each customer. Suggesting and implementing system that is easy to use and maintain with minimum maintenance enhancing productivity of growing concerns.

"Shreeji Infotech" is a very important & revenue saving segment of our client Companies.

Shreeji Infotech offers high quality IT support. All our clients companies, businesses groups and home users are located throughout Gujarat & Maharashtra. IT business started with the name of "Cybertech Computers" in January 2000 in Vadodara – Gujarat - with the goal of providing "Quality Training, Efficient implementation of new technology, & Economical Solutions to all & generating local employment" with IT support to small businesses and home users all around. We have developed very good relationships with top seller of hardware wholesalers and software developers. Websites & software our own strength to keep all clients satisfied with available product range. After Five years of experience & Team of experts, in January 2005 the company planned restructuring.

Cybertech Computer was re-branded as "Shreeji Infotech". Well managed operations by Implementing Centralizations & Decentralization of some of the operations with a view of cost-effective & improved customer care & services. The foremost reasons for rebranding were variable service demand of clients. We started supporting our clients with energy efficient solar technology, UPS, Renewable energy, Earthing-(Grounding) & other solutions. We are committed as & when required/Demanded by our client to keep their trust alive & continue our services using our network & associates to save their time & money. Today Shreeji Infotech has 9 branches operating independently as an associate of FBC Solution Pvt Ltd & ShreejiInfotech for customers throughout Gujarat & Maharashtra. Our business network supported FBC Group & operating independently with associate brand of FBC Group. We have customers from diverse sectors including Corporates, Groups, Small Business Clients, Indeviduals, with operating sectors like Engineering Companies, Consultants, Construction companies,Manufacturars,Traders,Exporter,Marketing Companies, Agencies, Pharma Companies, Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, etc. We believe that ……credit for this success goes to our all clients for the generous support & keeping trust in our strength, commitments & Long-term Business policy. Also we congratulate Our Hardworking Team & associates for continual supporting us.

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